Wellington Art Club Newsletter March - April 2009

Newsletter Editor: Anita Thompson

Annual General Meeting

Twenty members attended the AGM held on 1st March. The minutes of the 116th AGM were read, the President gave his report, the Treasurers report was presented and all were approved. Election of officers was next on the agenda. Ray Abbott is the new President, Olympia Osborne and Elaine Kermode are Vice-Presidents, Secretary is Linda Smith, Dave Shaw continues as Treasurer. Del Te Rito is a new committee member joining Warren Stringer and Anita Thompson. Our hostess is Audrey Griffin, as Shirley Barr has resigned.

Phil Dickson and Kay Paget did not stand for the committee.

Jeff was thanked for his work for the club and remains on the committee as Immediate Past President. Celia Wade-Brown has consented to be the new Patron, as David Major has moved to the Wairarapa.

Ramblings from the President

Those of you who attended the annual General Meeting on Sunday 1st of March will already be aware that Jeff Collings, our president for the last several years has retired from office. Thankfully, Jeff will stay associated with the Art Club committee as “Immediate Past President” and has indicated his intent to continue with many of his activities at the club. Many thanks Jeff for such fine stewardship over your period as president. We look forward to your continuing involvement and support in the activities of the Art Club.

As a relatively new member of the Wellington Art Club and a rather inexperienced artist, I was privileged to be elected President of the Art Club at the AGM. Unfortunately, to slightly misquote the poet Robert Burns, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’. For some time now my wife and I have been casually thinking of retiring and finding ourselves a larger property than the small one we own in Miramar; I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking in terms of the next few years. Well, as many of you will know, when the right place suddenly presents itself you have to act. We have done just that so will be leaving Wellington for the Manawatu by the middle of this year. While I am disappointed at having to leave the Wellington Art Club committee at such short notice, the club has a capable and enthusiastic committee who constitutionally are able to appoint my replacement to complete this term of office.

Your committee plan to become more proactive with organising workshops and club activities, and with this in mind are investigating an Internet web site for the Wellington Art Club. This is perceived as a useful form of communication between the club executive and all club members as well as any interested members of the public at large. The only way our club is going to attract new members is by letting people know that we are here and what we do. The internet is one way of achieving this. However, it is recognised that not all members have access to the Internet so our club newsletter will continue in its present paper form for all those requiring it.

More information will be forthcoming on the club web site and a proposed programme of activities once the new committee meets for its first meeting on the 5th of April.

Best wishes for another productive year with the Wellington Art Club.

Ray Abbott,


Thanks to Sherlie Barr for her lovely, tasty morsels during the time she was a hostess for the monthly meetings. Thanks, too, to Audrey Griffin for her continued support. I am sure Audrey would appreciate some help. He/she would need to provide 3 plates: one each of savoury, sandwiches and sweets. The Club will pay for the ingredients.


The committee would like to thank Phil Dickson for the wonderful newsletters he has published over the years and how much we appreciated the time he has put in. The art club members have always enjoyed the newsy, informative and entertaining content and are grateful and appreciative. Now you can come to art, relax and paint, and catch some more of those tourist dollars with your plein air art.


“Hello, I am Beryl Skipper and I have been asked by your new committee to take responsibility for sending a card from the Art Club to any members experiencing ill health or any other situation where a card would be appropriate. I can only do this if I know that the situation exists, so i am asking members to keep me informed if your feel a card would be appropriate and appreciated. I live in Island Bay and my telephone number is 973-0270. Just give me a call if you know of a situation where you think a card from the Club would be a good idea. Although, please note, i will be out of Wellington until 1st April.


We now have a wall planner/calendar on the wall near the server for members to check for dates of coming events. The notice board will still feature items of interest.

Autumn Exhibition

The Autumn Exhibition will be held Friday 1st May, Saturday 2nd May and Sunday 3rd May.

An entry form is included with this newsletter. You must be a financial member to have works accepted for the club exhibitions. A subscription form is included. Please note that the mailing address for the Club is to the Wellington Art Club clubrooms. The Post Office Box is no longer in use. A Subscription Form follows.


Your subscription for 2009 fell due on 1 January.

Only full financial members' works are accepted for Club exhibitions.
Only financial members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
The following are the options in the preferred order of use:
* Drop them into the drop box at the Art club
* Pay them direct to bank account 0305780903273.00 mentioning "Fees 2009" and your name
* Post them to:
Wellington Art Club
27 Chelsea St
Wellington 6022
Please make all cheques "Not transferable"

The Autumn Exhibition held on the first weekend in May takes the place of the usual Sunday meeting. The next monthly meeting will be held on 7th June at the clubrooms.


Phil Dickson will be running a workshop 25th and 26th April, 9am - 4pm at our clubrooms. This will be using acrylic and oil, whichever you prefer. Cost is be $60 for the two days. Phil is a very popular and competent tutor. More details will be put up at the clubrooms shortly, with a registration list. For enquiries ring Del Te Rito at 388-9232 or email del.terito@xtra.co.nz.

The committee welcomes suggestions from members for workshop tutors, monthly speakers, weekly groups or anything at all. Do not forget the suggestion box at the club.


It has been decided that the group who work between 2 and 4 pm each Friday will now use alternate Friday afternoons to tackle “Still Life”. Hopefully, the benefit will be that still life subjects will give us a little more time to create our pictures, and learn about composition, lighting and perspective. It will also lighten the task of finding volunteer sitters each week. It has been a tradition that we never ask out portrait subjects to sit for us for more than one hour, a time limit that most professional painters would never accept! Still life of course, will stay as long as required, and can be held over till the next session.

Any members who would like to try this subject are most welcome to join us a 2 pm on alternate Fridays. We will continue to get live subjects for portrait practice every second session. Contact J. M. Steven, phone 934 7633


The Life class has started again and will be continued every third Monday Night 7 – 9 pm.

Eight members attended our first class, and we would welcome more.

Schedule of classes for April – Monday, 6th April and Monday 27th April. This is a great opportunity to learn figure drawing and painting. The fee is $10 per night. Contact Dianne Taylor for information, phone 934 2358.


The Gallery at 5 Park Road is doing very well. Twenty six paintings have been sold so far. The shop next door has been painted, with thanks to Linda and Graham Smith. The carpet has been supplied, free of charge, by Jamie Selkirk. The new premises should be warmer and drier during the winter months. If any Art Club member is interested in exhibiting their work, let Linda, Olympia or Elaine know. We have a waiting list at the moment and all exhibiting artists are required to take their turn in the duty roster.


An announcement has been received concerning Websters. Websters Framing (Gallery closing) will be teaming up with ‘Mirrorcles’ in Petone. As of 23rd March, Websters will be located at 374 Jacksons Street, Petone. Phone number 589-2860. Once again, very sorry to be leaving a lot of you behind, but hopefully our service is good enough for some of you to follow us over there. Thank you to everyone for their support in the past and keep in touch.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Sue and Stephanie

They have kindly donated some frames to the Art Club. It is hoped that anyone wanting a frame, they will make a donation (half of the price on the frame) to the Club.


The editor invites and looks forward to any contributions from members for the newsletter. Items could include Art related articles, or something other members might find interesting, hints, cartoons, book or video reviews, or notice of coming events.

My thanks to all who contributed information to this edition. Keep it coming!


Venue: Art Club- Studio, 27 Chelsea Street, Miramar
Dates: Fri, Sat, Sun 1-3 May 2009

Opening Function: Friday 1 May 6.00pm


Public viewing: Saturday 2, Sunday 3, 10am – 4pm

Maximum of three paintings per member will be accepted.

Works must not have been exhibited at previous Wellington Art Club Exhibitions.

All paintings to be delivered to the Clubrooms on or before Wednesday 29 April.

The Clubrooms will be open Tuesday 28 between 10am and 3pm and

Wednesday 29 between 10am and 12 noon.

Paintings can only be accepted from fully paid up members.

If you haven't paid your subscription for 2009, NOW is the time to do so.

Please ensure that paintings are ready for hanging with hanging hooks and cord and are labelled on the back with title, artist’s name, medium and price.

Please also include on each painting a swing label attached to a piece of string and taped to the top or the back of your picture with the same details filled in. (So that the labels can temporarily hang over the front of the picture then those making labels can read the details on the label without having to refer to the back).

Hanging fee: $2 per painting, Miniatures 50 cents

Please place your entry form and fee into an envelopeand deposit into the box on the counter labelled 'Exhibition Entry Forms'

Commission on sale of paintings will be 15%


During the hours of public viewing, minding the exhibition will be for periods of up to 2 hours per shift. Please add your name to the roster list at the Clubrooms.

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