Wellington Art Club Newsletter November - December 2009


Saturday 5th December
6pm at the Clubrooms

Ladies a plate please
The party will be BYO wine
As the ladies will contribute a plate, the men could bring a bottle of wine to share with the ladies

The end of the year is upon us after a busy and successful year of art. The club will take a break from regular activities until the New Year, when we will resume our regular group meetings.


Monday Group 23rd November will be announced early in year
Tuesday Group 15th December 12th January 2010
Wednesday Group 9th December 3rd February
Thursday Group 3rd December 4th February
Friday Group 11th December 5th February


Plein Air sessions will take place on Sunday afternoons beginning on the 10th January, then on the following Sundays 17th, 23rd and 31st. Meet at the clubrooms at 2pm.

Bring your sketching and painting equipment that you can take to the great outdoors. Don’t forget a sunhat and sunscreen, and even a jacket if the weather looks as if the wind will be blowing or even worse. There will be interesting scenes to capture in spite of the weather. Hopefully, we will have had all the changeable weather and will have a long hot summer, especially on Sundays.



It was an unseasonably cold and wet day for the October monthly meeting on Sunday 4th when Club members, Maureen and Alan Davis showed us their crafts. Given the weather then, a surprising but pleasantly good number turned up for a presentation that could easily been designed for the wintry day.

Maureen and Alan knew each other as teenagers in London, England and they’ve worked together ever since. They were both interested in wool craft and learned to knit. After they were married they immigrated to New Zealand in 1966, then one day the following year Maureen attended a demonstration in Wanganui by a lady spinning wool, and she was hooked. Maureen was fascinated by the process but thought you had to be a famer to spin. Otherwise where would you get the wool from!

Eventually, she acquired a spinning wheel and was underway. She and Alan brought a spinning wheel with them to the Club and Maureen expertly demonstrated it working. As Alan put it, ‘You have to be able to pat your head with one hand and rotate your other hand over your stomach at the same time!’. The wheel requires the operator to work the foot treadle then simultaneously pull raw wool from a piece fleece with one hand and feed it to the other hand steadily thence onto the wheel! Members of the audience were invited to have a go, several took up the challenge with vary degrees of success!

However, before raw fleece can be successfully spun it must be prepared by untangling the fiber, a process called carding. Carding can be done by using a simple flick carder or by a drum carder machine. Maureen brought a hand carder and a small drum carder to demonstrate. Spinning is best done before washing the fleece to preserve the natural oils within.

Alan’s expertise, apart from knitting, extends to hand knotted rug making, a very nice example of which he brought to show. Maureen has tried spinning fibers other than wool including Alpaca, Mohair and even Rabbit, learning by experience all the while. Other very nice examples of their craft they brought included home knitted pullovers and scarves. To top off a wonderful afternoon, Maureen and Alan played a video film from Ashfords in Ashburton, makers of spinning wheels and other spinning equipment.
Members who came had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative afternoon.
Thanks very much Maureen and Alan.
Phil Dickson


The Saturday workshop with Helen Wilson was most successful. Fifteen members attended and what a riot of colour was put on the canvases. We learnt how to paint a field of bright poppies, with Helen demonstrating and coming around to make sure we were not having any problems. Amid much hard work and laughter, we all took a painting home we were proud of.

So thank you Helen for the tuition and also for the tuition fees which you have kindly donated to the Art Club. A $40 Voucher and thank you card has been given to Helen in appreciation.
Del Te Rito


The annual Art Club Spring Exhibition was very successful. Over 230 paintings were exhibited and forty-two sold. Opening night was well attended by Club members, art enthusiasts and residents. Thanks to all who contributed to a wonderful exhibition

It was a very pleasant exhibition chatting with Rita Angus residents and visitors—one visitor buying Helen Wilson’s watercolour “Perugia”. She recognised the area where she had lived for a year studying Italian and Helen was there to chat. A Days Bay visitor bought Joan Vorsterman’s bird painting “Whiteheads”. An Island Bay couple, having just redecorated their house bought 2 seascapes – Jeff Collings painting and Robyn Newth’s. A resident is so excited to have Judith Langham’s (Laird) painting of the family cat “Myrtle amongst the Lavender” that she phoned Judith and wants to meet Myrtle. Another resident bought several paintings for Christmas presents. Resident Mr. Thompson was taken by Anita Thompson’s untitled abstract. Sister Laboure’s bark artwork delighted an Australian buyer. She was flattered to have Island Bay artist Michael McCormack buy her “Jerusalem” art work.

It was well worthwhile having Eftpost for the weekend – it is the way to go and artists left with a cheque or immediate internet banking by Dave.

We thank Celia Wade-Brown for coming to open our 2009 exhibition.
Olympia Osborne

Many thanks to Olympia Osborne, Dave Shaw and Del Te Rito for giving their time all weekend to be at the exhibition.


The Sunday 1st of November meeting featured something completely different this month with member Alison Golder singing and reciting Pam Ayers poetry. Gwen Neil accompanied her on a keyboard and told some funny stories. They began with a variety of songs beautifully sung by Alison with Gwen’s accompaniment. We the audience were encouraged to add our voices by singing along to the choruses we knew.

Alison then read, in the appropriate accent, a bracket of Pam Ayers very funny poems, including “The Parrot”. There followed lovely renditions of “On a Clear Day” and “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. More of poems followed, Pam’s “The Bunny Poem”, “Sam” and the well-known and loved “I Wish I’d Looked After My Teeth”. Gwen ended with a bit of jazz and “The Lady is a Tramp”.

Both Alison and Gwen have been performing musically since very early childhood and continue to blend their talents. They are available to entertain together for a small fee.
All there appeared to enjoy the different entertainment art form.
Linda Smith


Saturday 5th December is the Club’s Christmas party. The Friday Group will hold the last meeting for 2009 on the following Friday afternoon 11th December at 2pm. Traditionally we each bring some edible (or drinkable) objects for still life studies, and then consume them – the objects, not the studies!

This year a gentleman, who has asked portrait group members to produce colour paintings of his great grandfather, from a monochrome lithograph done in the 19th century, will join us. Those members who have attempted this are asked to bring their interpretations and allow our guest to select the one (or more) he likes best.

Any Club member from any of our groups is most welcome to join us for this celebration.
J. M. Steven

The Wednesday Group meets at 10:00am to 1:00pm (or later if required). Anyone who might not be able to go to the Club on Tuesday or other weekdays would be most welcome on Wednesdays, occasionally or weekly. Just come along and do your own thing in relaxed company – help and advice offered on request.
Mary Thomson

The first club day of the New Year is the time to bring all the artwork you have done over the Christmas Holidays and from the January sketching days. This is a time for a friendly discussion of the art and to hear of any interesting holiday happenings.

Olympia reports that she saw Denis Hayman when his on brought him to the hospital to visit his wife, Ann. He is in rehab at Sprott House. We wish Ann a speedy recovery.


Val Head,
who passed away on 15 November, was a valued member of the Club for at least thirty-six years. For many of those years she was in charge of the Watercolour Group. Val’s speciality was her meticulous flower paintings. We express our sympathy to Val’s family and our gratitude for her dedicated service. She will be remembered with much affection.

Richard Acey

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