Wellington Art Club Newsletter September 2009

Newsletter Editor: Anita Thompson


The Autumn Exhibition to be held at Rita Angus Retirement Village is scheduled for 13th, 14th, and 15th November. There is an entry form and information at the end of this newsletter. Please read it and get your entries in by Friday, 30th October.


The Wellington Art Club has taken advantage of a lock malfunction at the art club several weeks ago to change the lock and introduce a secure key policy.

Keys are now numbered and are only able to be copied with correct authority.

The new policy allows members to have keys provided that the reason for having them is approved by the committee. There is an administration cost of $20 for these keys, half of which is refundable on the return of the key. A request form is available at the Art Club. The new policy was necessary because of an unknown number of keys in circulation which created a security risk. Del TeRito and Elaine Kermode will coordinate these requests.

We appreciate that this may be a sensitive issue for some members. The committee is prepared to discuss the terms for existing key holders who may feel disadvantaged. Old keys will no longer work.


A list of the committee members and their areas of responsibilities is given below to enable members with questions to go directly to the person can give an answer.

Olympia Osborne Exhibitions and Working Groups
Elaine Kermode Administration and keys
Dave Shaw Finance and Membership
Del TeRito Workshops and keys
Jeff Collings Exhibitions, Publicity, and Property
Anita Thompson Newsletter
Malcolm Laird Internet Site
Linda Smith Publicity and Brochures
Beryl Skipper Almoner


Dianne Taylor
The Karori Arts & Crafts Club hold an annual exhibition. There are awards for two classes
of paintings – watercolour and non-watercolour – with prizes donated by Gordon Harris.
The judge this year was the outstanding and well-known watercolourist Jackie Pearson. After the awards were announced, she explained to all present that her decisions were based on the three very important aspects of painting – composition, perspective and colour. And who won the prize for the non-watercolour section? Well, word has it that one of our own fellow club member artists did. Phil Dickson did. Phil is a member of the Karori Club and for this exhibition submitted two oils. His painting of ‘The Riddeau Canal, Ottowa’ was the winning one. Well done Phil. Congratulations!


Olympia Osborne
Ping was one of six artists selected from 80 applicants to travel to Xiamen, China, as part of the Wellington Xiamen Association’s 2009 cultural exchange program. Xiamen is a costal trading town, opposite Taiwan Island, and is one of the 10 most developing cities in China with a lot of investment coming from overseas. It is similar to Singapore but cheaper and not so hot. There are 40,000 painters for the European and American markets, so artists from the north are migrating to be nearer the sea and overseas shipping.
The six artists from Wellington were a diverse group.

Janet Andrews – watercolour
John Walsh and Robert Franken – oil painters with different styles
Peter Coates – watercolour
Ping Ching Mabbett – Chinese painting – interpreter
Leah Shepherd – young artist unable to attend due to injury

The New Zealand artists were welcomed to Xiamen, once passed through the strict swine flu security, with a festive lunch, dragon boat race and tour of the scenic spots. After a two day rest, they were shown their workplaces and to the art shop businesses that never close to buy materials. Canvasses had to be big or they would be lost on the huge walls on which they would be exhibited.

Each evening after dinner the artists carried on working otherwise the paintings, especially oil would not be dry in time. Art students came to see them work and hear them talk. Ping was able to interpret John Walsh’s Maori art, after a crash course on Maori mythology, impressing the young people. He became the ‘star’. The exhibition was hung on the 4th June with the art works not competing but enhancing each other. The opening was on the 6th June and the Beijing Artist Association came and toasted their success. Following the exhibition there were glorious dinner banquets and sightseeing. One sight was the 2007 World Garden Expo in Xiamen comprising 3 man-made islands linked with magnificent bridges. There were different style gardens – Australian, US and Mexican, as well as a NZ garden, which Ping found a little disappointing, not enough effort and has told the WCC so. Ping said it was a great opportunity to visit leading artists’ studios and even the students were able to go, their only chance ever to see them. The cultural exchange with the students was successful and all the remaining art materials were left with them. It was lovely to welcome Ping back to Chelsea Street and thank her ever usual entertaining happy self.


Jeff Collings

On Wednesday 5th August, Steve, Brenda and I went out to Joe’s Cafe, Cafe Galleria on Guthrie, to hang 25 paintings for Art Club members. Within half an hour, the previous pictures were taken down and new ones hung. We also booked tables for club members to have a luncheon at 1pm. With 1½ hours to wait we had coffee and as it was a sunny day Brenda and I went for a walk, while Steve read the Dominion Post.

Members began to arrive before one o’clock and there was a general buzz as greetings were made, food orders taken and conversation flowed. There were nineteen of us and the tables spread from one end of the room to the other. As orders arrived the conversation buzz changed from chatter to clatter, as knives and forks attacked Joe’s delectable meals. A variety of choices were available from the printed menus as well as specials from a blackboard menu. Lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites were sipped with satisfaction. Over the years, Joe has sold about 30 paintings: I am beginning to lose count. In his newsletter he always advertises our paintings for sale. So here is a plug for his cafe.
Joe’s meals are well cooked and prices reasonable - he even bakes the cakes on the premises. He is a cheerful host who makes you welcome and as good a cook as Gordon Ramsey, but doesn’t go around using the ‘F’ word. So, if you are in the Hutt Valley, cruising, on business or shopping, call in at Joe’s for lunch or coffee. Take note.
58 Guthrie Street, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt.
The outing was enjoyed by all.


Jeff has kindly donated the cost of one of the three new screens that will arrive in time for the Spring Exhibition. We are indeed very lucky to have him.


Malcolm Laird talked about the Art Club Website

Linda Smith

Malcolm is the webmaster and the club owns the domain name www.wellingtonart.co.nz.
Members are encouraged to look at the site to become familiar with its layout.
The site includes:
• About Us
• Location Map
• Our History
• Exhibitions
• Buying Art
• Newsletter which can be put on the site and send copies to all subscribers.
The most recent three are on the home page.
• The Artists and their work.
• Links to other Art and Craft organisations
• Members Area for editing your own work

The site can be used to store documents like the newsletter, past newsletters are there too.
It is hoped that more uses for the site will increase as it develops over time.

Those who want their own pages can contact Malcolm to arrange the one off payment of $30 and receive a password to access their page for editing. You will need to have a personal profile, a digital photo of yourself, and trimmed digital photos of no more than 700 pixels of your artwork including the titles, medium, and purchase price. You will need to edit the work onto the site using the instructions Malcolm has included on the website. Some committee members are still learning the editing process.

We are hoping members will pass the website details on to as many as possible to promote the club, advertise our exhibitions and help sell a few paintings. There will be some web site addresses on the club table for this purpose.

Those without digital cameras could arrange to have their unframed paintings photographed by a digital camera owner at the club.

Malcolm plans to hold more tutorials for those who want to put work online.


An e-mail has been received from Christine who thinks the Art Club website is fantastic, something that needed to be don years ago. She felt quite nostalgic looking at the artists’ pages with photos and paintings and would like to be included.

Christine and Kevin have been in their house a year now, doing alterations, painting rooms, etc. and getting the garden sorted. So it is only recently that Christine has been able to get back to painting again. She has a studio large enough for 4 – 6 to paint in, with a separate 2 bedroom unit, and 2 spare bedrooms. Maybe in the future we can organise a painting trip. The house is just a few minutes walk from the beautiful beach and great scenery not far away.

And 12 October and November 2nd and 23rd.

Regular members of this group have been enjoying sitters to draw and are producing good likenesses. An extra project is to copy, in colour, a photo-copy, in black and white, of a portrait of a gentleman. A challenge.


Del Te Rito
Another workshop coming up with ever popular and very experienced tutor Helen Wilson. This will be 3rd October, Saturday only, acrylic or oil. Cost $30 to members, $35 to non-members. More details will be on our notice board on what to bring


Club member Mrs. Lily Graham has recently moved into a studio apartment in Malvaina Major Retirement Village in Onslow. Lily lived very close to the clubrooms and attended the Tuesday Group. Her daughter informed us that Lily is settling in well and enjoying the activities and company there.

Beryl Skipper

Many of our members will remember Helen Moriarty who passed away this month.

Helen was a valued member of Wellington Art Club for twenty years or more. She was a talented artist and liked to explore various styles of painting. Those of us who knew Helen remember her with affection and extend condolences to her family.



The Spinners Tale – From Sheep’s Wool to Your Back
There is more to Maureen than meets the eyes. The most interesting hobby apart from Art, says Maureen and Alan Davis.

Gwen Neil - keyboard – with Alison Golder – entertaing music and poety.

Seatoun Arts and Crafts Exhibition
October 30th opening 7-9 & Saturday 31st October 9-5.


VENUE: Rita Angus Retirement Village, Coutts Street, Kilbirnie

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 13 – 15 November

Opening Function: Friday 13 November 6:00pm


Public viewing Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th November

Entry Conditions

Members may submit four paintings or miniatures. Please list your paintings on the entry form in order of your priority. The hanging committee will not necessarily hang all of your paintings when the exhibition is first assembled. Your paintings numbered 1 and 2 will be hung first, and others will be hung as space permits and/or as the exhibition progresses throughout the weekend.

Entry fee: $4 per painting (up to a maximum of $16)
Miniatures: $1 per miniature (up to a maximum of 5)

Paintings can only be accepted from fully paid up members

Entry forms and your entry fee should be received at the clubrooms no later than Friday 30th October. Please place your entry form and fees in an envelope labelled Rita Angus Exhibition Entry and place into the box labelled Exhibition Entries. (This will enable labels to be made for each painting before the exhibition,)

All paintings to be delivered to the Atrium at the Rita Angus Retirement Village Friday morning 13 November between 9am and 12 noon. Please take away all wrapping away with you. We have no way to keep it, let alone identify individual wrapping.

Please ensure that paintings are ready for hanging with hanging hooks (D rings rather than the old eye rings) and cord and are labelled on the back with title, artist’s name, medium and price.

Please also include on each painting a swing label attached to a piece of string and taped to the top or the back of your painting with the same details filled in. (This is so that those making labels to attach to each picture can do so without having to refer to the back.)

Art Club Commission on paintings will be 15%

Unsold paintings should be collected from the Atrium at Rita Angus after 4pm on Sunday 15 November. Uncollected paintings will be taken to the Art Club from where they may be claimed during normal working day times.


During the hours of the public viewing of the Exhibition there will be shifts for the following hours:

10am to 12:30pm, 12:30 pm to 3pm, 3pm to 5pm

Please put your name to the roster list in the Clubrooms or phone Olympia Osborne 388 3825 to volunteer your minding times.

We are encouraging two members to volunteer to mind each session.

It makes for easier sharing of responsibilities, especially if there are numerous sales!

Please place this form and entry fee in an envelope labelled Rita Angus Exhibition Entry in the box in the clubrooms marked EXHIBITION ENTRIES no later than Friday, 30th OCTOBER.

This form will be used to label pictures and catalogue listing.

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