Wellington Art Club Newsletter June - July 2011

High Tea
will be held at the Clubrooms to celebrate the


Sunday July 3rd at 2pm

Carols and Christmas music.
Bring your best teacup or mug.

Special Afternoon Tea:
contributions towards the table (sandwiches, cakes, savouries) would be welcome.

Plus a gift worth no more than $5.00for our SPECIAL SANTA to present

A Letter from our President

Welcome to our new members; we hope you enjoy your time at the Wellington Art Club as much as
most of us have over the years.

How bustling and busy our clubrooms are becoming. It's fabulous to see the great attendances,
members happily painting and enjoying each other's company. Linda is advertising our events very
successfully in the local Cook Strait News in the 'events' column and on our website. We are so
lucky to have these clubrooms and so many willing helpers. The future looks bright!
We are planning to add spotlights to enhance our artwork – and to make improvements to our walls
with new hanging rails. We also plan to improve the entrance way.

Our gallery is now open to the public on the days we have group workshops and we welcome
members who would like to bring a painting. See our notice on the noticeboard.

We do have one request however, that on days there are no workshops - eg: Mondays, Friday
Mornings – members will volunteer 2 hours (preferably in pairs) to mind the clubrooms. This isn't
a weekly commitment, just when it's convenient to you - perhaps once a month.

The trees the City Council had planted in front of the clubrooms were becoming a concern as they
were growing too high, hiding our premises and creating a security concern, so after Del rang the
Council, two of the trees have been removed. This has made such a difference.

Del also requested that some signage be placed in the Miramar township showing our direction.
As we are out of the way some of the public are unaware of our presence – even some local
businesses have been unaware of our presence for the last 30 years!

Happy painting,

Coming Events

Shirley Sutton
talks about her trip on Sunday 12th June come and hear about Shirley and Dana's trip which inspired the “Lost and Found” exhibition. She will talk about their travels through bustling Beijing, over the Great Wall, into pretty French villages, Swiss cheese towns, to timeless Tuscany, scorching Sicily and southern Italy before flying to the Czech Republic, wooded Belgium and Corfu, then home to New Zealand via many faceted China.

Phil Dickson
On Saturday July 2nd from 9am – 5pm Phil will be taking an oil workshop. As we all know, Phil is a
wonderful artist and a very helpful and encouraging tutor. Further details will be on the Art Club notice board. Cost: $40.00

Helen Wilson
Saturday, September 3rd from 9am – 4pm. Helen will be taking an acrylic workshop at the Club Rooms.
Cost: $35.00

John Steven (Steve)
Steve has suggested a possible need for a group on Wednesdays from 2pm – 4pm.
His idea is for an art session devoted to “back to basics”, dealing with drawing, composition, perspective and
still life. Steve may be prepared to start it off if sufficient interest is expressed, but we would need a facilitator or tutor if one is not immediately available.

Are many interested in joining this group? If so, please indicate your interest by phoning Steve on
934 7633 or putting your name below the poster on the Club notice board.

Eric Dyne
As well as tutoring the Friday afternoon group in portraiture, Eric is interested in taking a new group on Thursdays from 10am to 3 pm at a cost of $4.00. This session will cover all types of painting and is for beginners to advanced artists.

The club is indeed fortunate to have such a versatile and experienced artist as Eric to give his time and considerable experience towards the improvement of the Club's artists. To join this Thursday group, please ring Del 388.9232

An Invitation from Seatoun Arts and Crafts Members are invited to attend a meeting at St Christopher's Church Hall, Seatoun on Wednesday July 20th at 7.30pm.

Guest Speaker will be Catherine Campbell, Painting Conservator at Te Papa. Tea and coffee will be provided before.

To All Online members

Online members are reminded to regularly check out the official Web Site of our Club:www.wellingtonart.co.nz as urgent notices written between newsletter publication dates may appear there in the news section. We will put these urgent news items on the Club notice board for non-emailers and endeavor to email these notices to all on-line members (time permitting). The website has other areas that we urge all email members to explore.

Ellen Coup Acrylic Workshop

by Rita Quirk

On the weekend of April 16th and 17th a group of members gathered at the Art Club for an acrylic workshop led by artist Ellen Coup, a well known mural and landscape artist, who paints in a contemporary, realistic style. We were instructed to bring along our own materials and a long canvas no smaller than 12” x 24”.

After introducing herself and speaking of her working style, we were each asked to choose a landscape from her varied collection of photos. Ellen then showed us how to size our image to fit our canvas, using rulers and maths; a very useful tool for future paintings. Using the same format with card and acetate, we also learned to make a viewer - a grid to make our drawing a lot more accurate.

We were then given two large pieces of paper, both to be sized to our canvas. The first piece was used to do a black and white tonal painting of our subject to check if we liked the layout and colour contrasts. This was a quick exercise, allowing for a change of subject if desired. We did the same with the second paper, but using colour this time. When we were satisfied with our choices, it was on to the paining proper.

Ellen had shown us that by under painting in opposite colours - eg: orange under a blue sky – it made the sky colour more vibrant, so the next task was to cover our canvas with under-painting colours. Some very interesting canvases emerged from this exercise.

Next we went on to painting our landscapes, with lots of encouragement and advice from Ellen and although some of us didn't finish our paintings over the two days' workshop, we all learnt something new as well as having a great time. I'm sure there will be some interesting new paintings completed for the next exhibition.

Great Scott

by Richard Acey
It must be in the water or the oil, as the Wellington Art Club seems to have an increasing number of Octogenarians. Recently I met another – Scott Gray, an artist from Dunedin. A retired dentist, Scott taught at the Otago School of Dentistry and his professionalism shows in his paintings.

Some years ago, I heard of Scott from Frank Webb, the outstanding American watercolour painter. In our correspondence over his book Webb on Watercolour Frank told me that Scott Gray had been on his workshops. I contacted Scott as Webb's book had helped me to change from a hopeless beginner into a less hopeless beginner and to achieve my first exhibition success. I was astonished to learn that Scott had been on no less than five of Webb's workshops in Europe! So, much of our conversation was about Webb and his techniques.

Webb's books are more than the usual painting instruction books as they are full of wise convictions
and sayings. For example:
    • Art is deliberately designed
    • Motivation precedes action
    • Failure is a stimulus
Another of Webb's books is called The Artist's Guide to Composition – a very useful guide to
designing paintings in all the mediums I took Scott to our Club where he admired the paintings and the library and commented that we are fortunate to have our own rooms. We studied photographs of each other's painting. Naturally Frank Webb's influence could clearly be detected in Scott's work.

It was a delight to meet such a lively and enthusiastic disciple of Frank Webb. I hope I'll still be
painting at Scott's age. He is 88 !

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