Wellington Art Club Newsletter October - November 2011

Our Clubroom decor improvements

They are taking place with Spotlights being installed, and on Saturday 1st October we will be painting
all the walls. We need helpers for this, so please come at 9am and bring your paintbrushes/rollers and
tray. Then we will be ready for our new curtains (matching the wall color) to be hung – a whole, bright
new look to get our gallery up and going and open every day when we can have members minding as
workshops take place. Hopefully volunteers can give some of their time now and again.

Del has contacted the City Council re signage in the Miramar town-centre pointing the way.
Even though we've been around so many years with a 100 year history, outsiders don't know Chelsea
Street, and that the Community Centre is there – we are, after all Miramar's best kept secret...!

Spring Exhibition

The Exhibition opening will be at Rita Angus on Thursday evening, 10 t h November at 5.30pm. We are fortunate that our patron and Wellington's Mayor – Celia Wade-Brown has kindly agreed to open our Spring Exhibition and are truly grateful that she can fit us into her busy schedule.

The Exhibition will again be held in the Rita Angus Atrium on dates 11th, 12th and 13th November. This gives us an extra day - Friday to Sunday.

We request that there will be some new artworks, and that they be delivered on the Thursday morning. That way we can have all works hung by 1pm and can make minor adjustments for improvements and fairness for each member's artwork. Also, we would like all members to bring their unframed art; watercolour, acrylics, canvas boards etc (not stretched canvas boards) with artist's name, title and price on the back. Framing is expensive and many of us build up a collection of unsold art that we still consider worthy for submitting for someone else to be able to afford an original piece of art to enhance their walls.

My thanks to Eric Dyne for stepping in to take the Portrait Class on Friday afternoons and I was most impressed by all the sketches recently produced of my niece, Emma; different styles but definitely capturing Emma's expression and likeness. Emma, of course, was thrilled and can't decide on the best one. She wants to sit for the class again. Also, thanks to Eric for producing for us ten well-made easels for our club. Our easels stocks have now been built up for the future.

Thanks to Martin Jenkins for his talk on 7th August about a very important subject. Akilla dealt with the dangers of drowsy driving and showed how anyone of us can be in danger of this happening to them. It was a pity that there was such a poor attendance by members.

This confirmed we won't be inviting any future speakers and frees up Sundays for the committee and myself. It appears that members enjoy our “High Tea” afternoons, which we will aim to have quarterly.

Roll on Daylight savings!


To celebrate the start of Daylight Savings
will be held at the Rita Angus Retirement Village on
Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November at 10am to 4pm
Our Patron, Celia Wade-Brown
will open the function Thursday 10th November at 5.30pm.
Entry forms and your entry fee should be received at the clubrooms no later than
Friday 4th November

    • To submit paintings you must be a fully paid up member
Paintings shown previously at Rita Angus will not be accepted.
  • Four or more paintings may be submitted.
  • Hanging Fee: $4.00 per painting up to a total of $16.00. 50cents per miniature.
  • Unframed artworks for our racks would be welcome. Please place name of artist, medium and price on the backs.
  • Paintings to be delivered to Rita Angus by 10am Thursday 10th November
Be prepared to take all wrapping materials away with you, otherwise make special arrangements by ringing Olympia Ph: 388 3825, or at the clubrooms.

Art Commission on paintings sold will be 15%. Artworks that have sold: payout by Bank
transfer. You may be required to provide banking details to Treasurer: Ph: 388 9212.

We need volunteers to man the Exhibition on a roster basis.
Please place your name and preferred time
of attendance on roster notice board.
What do we expect of minders?
1: Mingle with public
2: Guide purchasers to the efpos table
3: Place dots on sold paintings
4: Wrap sold artwork to go.

During the hours of public viewing, minding the exhibition will be for periods as follows:
10am – 12 noon, 12 noon – 2 pm, 2pm – 4pm
Please add your name to the roster list at the clubrooms or phone Olympia Osborne, 388 3825 to volunteer your minding times.

Please note that we are encouraging two members to volunteer to mind each session.
It makes for easier sharing of responsibilities, especially if there are SALES!

Please place Exhibition Entry form and entry fee in an envelope labelled Rita Angus Exhibition Entry in the box marked Exhibition Entries no later than Friday 4th November. The form will be used for picture labelling and catalogue listing.

Helen Wilson workshop on 3rd September

by Kerry Montgomery

Colour, colour and more colour

The day started promptly at 9.00am for 15 enthusiastic oil and acrylic painters. First we were guided by Helen to do a rough sketch in yellow ochre, of a simple Otago landscape.

Each stage was demonstrated clearly, and we then followed Helen's example to work on our own canvases. By lunchtime, most of us had blocked in the background colours, working from the top of the canvas to the bottom. This was done with wonderful vibrant colours of reds, orange, yellow, mauves and purples. The excitement was growing, with a view of what was to come.

Refreshed from lunch, paintings were taking shape as we worked over the background with complimentary colours; green over red and yellow over purple. On reaching the foreground, we increased the intensity and texture of the paint.

By 4pm most of us had finished a painting that we were quite proud of. Helen kept the class moving along at a brisk pace as she moved amongst us with encouragement and constructive criticism.

I particularly enjoyed this class, and came away inspired. My eyes have been opened to a new way of using colour to liven up landscapes. Many thanks to Helen for a wonderful workshop.

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