Wellington Art Club Newsletter September – October - November 2012

Come one, come all - we are having

High Tea

to welcome in
Daylight Saving
at the clubrooms on

Sunday October 7th at 2pm

It's time for another catch-up.

Bring your best teacup or mug, and wear your best outfit.

Contributions towards the Special Afternoon Tea
(sandwiches, cakes, savories) would be welcome.

Miramar Peninsula Art Trail – March 2013

Our proposed 2013 Art Trail will still be held in March 2013 – Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th .
However, this will not be run by the Wellington Art Club but by Nicola Dench of 'The Clay Penguin', and colleagues. They are working with the new Council Arts Policy to develop long-term plans for the Peninsular with
a combination of resource and grants designed to create an annual art trail. Art for Art's sake and Resene are alsokeen to be involved.

This is aimed to be an annual event - to develop long term art trails in the future. This will bring together all the art groups on the Peninsular and, for the public and visitors, to recognise the concept of the Peninsular as the 'creative suburb'. Nicola plans to print 5000 brochures to be distributed in 52 locations. 10 small pieces of art will be donated to be raffled as prizes to a ticket number.

Our club will set up as an exhibition as we did in March 2011, with art demonstrations taking place.
Whilst we are disappointed our club members outside the Peninsular won't be opening their home studios, it is too good an opportunity not to be part of a bigger plan, and Nicola is certainly working hard with gaining
sponsorships, putting together a budget including signage, banners, display wall panels, hall costs, brochures and a website.

Our Sign

We had previously been denied permission for signage showing the location of the Wellington Art Club to be placed in the Miramar Shopping Centre, but after Del and Olympia attended a meeting of Enterprise Miramar and again presenting our request, we were assured that the signage could now go ahead. Placement of these signs will
eventually be placed at two appropriate places in Miramar. This is indeed a breakthrough and should ensure our
presence in the community.

Message from the President

Greetings everyone,

Time to celebrate the change of seasons and daylight saving, starting 30th September –
1 extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day for us all and for me another season, free of Wellington Hospital bugs.

Pencil in Sunday 7th October, 2 pm, for another “High Tea” - a great time for us to catch up, dress up and bring
out our fine china, and to see what cheery outfit Elaine has in store for us. Will she still be the “Union Jack”
celebrating the year of the Jubilee and the London Olympics?

Our clubroom provides an inviting atmosphere, a light and bright place to spend a day creating artworks – a home
away from home. It is cared for by a lot of people behind the scenes. I always say it is like running another
home, and those of us who have been coming for years look after it so, because, apart from the committee
overseeing the business and maintenance side, there are those who clean and keep it tidy.

Lynaire Abbott seems to find time in her busy life to come in the early morning to do the weekly cleaning, as I
have often come by myself at 7am and have seen her there, busily cleaning before running off to her work.
Smith the Grocer – Elaine Kermode pops in to check on our tea, coffee, milk, biscuit supplies and to top up the
pantry each week..

Evelyn McCutcheon kindly takes home the kitchen tea towels and bathroom towels to wash each week and to top
up our supplies of loo paper and cleaning products – as well as supplling the Tuesday group with scrumptious
baking! Evelyn successfully sells her artwork – Congratulations Evelyn, on two sold in the NZ Art Show – our
only Wellington Art Club exhibitor this year.

An ongoing big help from many people who keep the wheels turning. Thank you everyone, in appreciation from
us all.

We gear up to our Spring Exhibition mid November in the Atrium at the Rita Angus Retirement Village. This is a
time for members to show off our ever-high standard of artwork and the excitement from a sale - knowing that
someone may also get pleasure from our painting, to hang in their home.

Happy Painting.


August Workshop with Shirley Sutton

by Beryl Skipper

On Saturday August 18th at the clubrooms about sixteen members congregated to take part in an oil-painting workshop led by Shirley Sutton. The workshop was scheduled for 9am till 4pm, and by 9.15am we were all busy priming our canvases. I had never used reddish-black acrylic as a primer, so it was learn-as-you-go from the start.

First we learned how to transfer our chosen subjects to canvas, ( I chose using a method of simple proportional measurements (which wasn't so simple until you got the idea) and then completing the drawing in white chalk which stood out against the dark acrylic background, making it easier to remove incorrect chalk marks, and we all ended up with competent drawings.

A new way of painting

Shirley then demonstrated how to mix our colours with a pallet knife using lots of titanium white mixed with a quick-drying medium, and then slowly tinting this with ultramarine blue for the sky.

Making sure we wiped the pallet knife really clean each time we picked up more paint, we next tinted the white on our pallets with yellow ochre for the clouds and then just the tiniest touch of red for warmth as we brought the sky down towards the rooftops.

We were told to use plenty of paint, to move the knife in all directions and to get a clean roof
line. Off we went to enjoy this new way of painting. By the time the sky was finished we needed a
break and it was time for coffee!

Next, a demonstration on using the pallet knife for the sunny side of each building. Using white, ochre and cadmium yellow (touching up small corners where necessary with a tiny brush), followed by the walls in shadow, using the same mix plus some burnt umber to provide contrast.

Then the roof in sunlight and shade (mostly by brush as it's now getting tricky) and nice sharp knife edges where possible to tidy up the gables before adding dark shadows thrown onto the walls. This took longer than I have covered here - it was over an hour before we had anything like a painting on each easel and, when Shirley suggested lunch, I for one breathed a sigh of relief.

After a good lunch-break with lots of interesting chat, and still more pointers and useful information from Shirley, we progressed with the remainder of the painting. A lot of practice with a rigger brush before we attempted the trees; then the fence and finally the path and wild flowers outside the fence.

We were supposed to be finished by 4pm but it was closer to 5pm when we finally stood back and looked at our paintings. Everybody had produced something really worthwhile.

It was a great workshop. Shirley is generous with both her knowledge and her time. From all of us,
Thank you, so much.

Helen Wilson Workshop

We are lucky to have Helen Wilson offer to take another workshop in oil and acrylic.
This will be held on November 4th 2012 in the clubrooms. See the noticeboard for more
details or phone Del: 3889232


AnnualSpring Exhibition will be held at the Rita Angus Retirement Village on
Friday 16th, Saturday 17h and Sunday 18th November at 10am to 4pm
Our past patron Ruth Gotlieb will open the function
on Friday 16th November at 6pm.

Entry forms and your entry fee should be received at the clubrooms no later than Friday 2nd November.
  • To submit paintings you must be a fully paid up member
  • Paintings shown previously at Rita Angus will not be accepted.
  • Four or more paintings may be submitted.
  • Hanging Fee: $4.00 per painting up to a total of $16.00.
  • Unframed artworks for our racks would be welcome.
  • Please place name of artist, medium and price on the backs and list.
Paintings to be delivered to Rita Angus by 10am Thursday 15th November 2012

Be prepared to take all wrapping materials away with you, otherwise make special
arrangements by ringing Olympia Ph: 388 3825, or at the clubrooms.

Art Commission on paintings sold will be 15%. Artworks that have sold: payout by Bank
transfer. You may be required to provide banking details to Treasurer: Ph: 388 9232.

We need volunteers to man the
Exhibition on a roster basis
Please place your name and preferred time
of attendance on roster notice board.
What do we expect of minders?
1: Mingle with public
2: Guide purchasers to the efpos table
3: Place dots on sold paintings
4: Wrap sold artwork to go.

Paintings must be ready for hanging. Please ensure that paintings are ready for hanging with D-rings and cord and labeled on back with artist's name. Also include a swing label attached to a string and taped to the back of your painting with the artist's name, title of work, medium and selling price details filled in (so that those making labels to attach to each painting can do so without having to refer to the back).


During the hours of public viewing, minding the exhibition will be for periods as follows:
10am – 12 noon,
12 noon – 2 pm,
2pm – 4pm

Please add your name to the roster list at the clubrooms or phone Olympia Osborne, 388 3825 to volunteer your minding times.

Please note that we are encouraging two members to volunteer to mind each session.
It makes for easier sharing of responsibilities, especially if there are SALES!

Please place Entry form and entry fee in an envelope labeled Rita Angus Exhibition Entry in the box marked Exhibition Entries no later than Friday 2nd November. The form will
be used for picture labelling and catalogue listing.

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