Wellington Art Club Exhibition

Spring Exhibition at 'Rita Angus' 9th to 11th November 2018

President's Speech at the Opening

It gives me real pleasure to welcome you all here tonight, especially our patron, Councillor Sarah Free.

Personally I’m also thrilled to be welcomed here by Tracy Sprott. 20 years ago Tracy was the new young nurse who looked after my mother at the Shona McFarlane resthome in Lower Hutt. Mum was the first resident there after suffering a stroke and we all became quite close. Look how far Tracy has come now!

This year has run smoother than last year with less maintenance to worry about. However I would like to give thanks to my dedicated and hard working committee and not just for keeping things turning over while I was in India for the last two and a half weeks. Today was testament to their dedication with a massive 170 entries to hang and one collapsed screen! I thought we would never get the last caption up, but we got there in the end.

I would also like to pay a special thanks to our treasurer Jean who disrupted an important family visit to Auckland to come back specially to help with the exhibition. She returns to Auckland next week. Thanks very much Jean.

I would also like to thank Linda and Graeme for the use of the van, and Linda for driving it this year. Another thanks to Muso Nick Straugheir and all the people who helped with the screens and Charles Blades for helping with the hanging.

The Rhyman group deserve a big thank you for inviting us to exhibit every year and supporting us with free advertising, posters and refreshments.

I would also like to thank our other sponsors, New World, The life Pharmacy
Kilbirnie and Gordon Harris. Oh, by the way Rosemary Friedlander won the Gordon Harris lucky drawer for having all her entries in by the 2nd of November.

I would also like to pay a tribute to Prue Miller who initiated the desk calendar idea – you can see them on the desk, selling for only $10ea and we can take orders for more. Prue’s photography and contribution to the club was exceptional and while we knew she wouldn’t be here forever it was still sad when she and her partner moved to new jobs in Whangarei.

However when one door closes another one opens, as the saying goes and I’m thrilled to announce that we have gained 18 new members this year. I don’t know if many of you are here tonight or not, but I’ll read out all the names and perhaps you can raise your hand if you’re here so that we can welcome you…

S.Carchedi, Silvana Caradoc Evans, T.Dennison, Christina Earl, Michelle Freeborn, Jenny Hartley, Pantea Hendi, Graham Hill, Jenny Martin, Cathal McCloy, Tessa Mitchell, Kerry Montgomery, Alana Smyth, Neil Stewart, P M Tobin, Diana Treeborne, Christine Wren, Shen Yue.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our patron, Sarah Free for her support. There were many cold days last winter when you were quietly thanked for gifting us that extra heat pump and sometimes stifling hot days last summer, when we were able to turn on that lovely cool breeze. Thanks, Sarah.

And I now hand over to you to open this wonderful 2018 art exhibition…

2018 Rita Angus Exhibition

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