Alcohol Inks Workshop

Saturday, April 13th 2019 from 9-12 noon
with Sheila Playford

Only $50 pp. Pay at the door
or pay online to -

We will begin with making our own inks
Then watch a demo of creating a piece of art
Then dive in and have a go yourself !

You will need to bring the following:

  • Pigments – Sharpie pens, Indian inks, pastels (not oil pastels) or any dry pigments you may have lying around at home
  • Plastic dropper bottles - 1 for each colour (Marion St plastics shop)
  • 1 sml atomiser spray bottle (ditto)
Tissues/baby wipes. Plastic gloves/ apron

The Art Club will provide the Alcohol and the YUPO paper and Lana sheets can be bought for $2.30ea.

• Pair of pliers • Scissors • Drinking Straws,
(for blowing your masterpieces into shape)


If you have photo papers bring some along.

• A pack of 22 Sharpie pens cost $19 from Warehouse Stationery or just buy the 3 primaries separately.

• Dropper bottles, small – with red nozzle - $1.99 ea from Plastic shop in Marion St. Need one per colour that you make. Sml spray bottle about same price.

• Indian ink Petes Emporium, Warehouse stationery. Approx $5 per colour, not as effective as Sharpie pens.

• You can also make your inks from pastel chalk so if you have some good bright colours lying around bring them along.

nb. The pictures on this page were made with Isopropyl alcohol and pigment from sharpie pens.

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