Art Club Annual General Meeting

Sunday 7th April 2019, at 2pm in the Clubrooms


The committee and I welcome you all here this afternoon.

I feel I should mention that the objectives of the Wellington Art Club, as stated in the original constitution, are to promote and encourage artistic endeavour and appreciation, to run a studio and clubrooms, to arrange exhibitions, and to encourage sociability in a cooperative way. This report shows how we went about this in the last year.

Thanks largely to our new social networks we attracted a record number of new members, 18 in fact, between September and December last year. However the committee is concerned that we don’t see many of the new members outside of the two exhibitions. We are a club, not an academy, and a club means taking part in things like club days, running or attending workshops, and helping with committee work. The Wellington Art Club, as we know it, wouldn’t exist if we only bumped into one another when we delivered our paintings to an exhibition meticulously organized by someone else. It is important for the future of your club that new members plan to go on to become full members and don’t simply stay as part time members so that they can take part in exhibitions.

At the end of December we had 78 paid up members, but Jean Buchanan, our treasurer, tells me we ideally need 100 to sustain the club. If anyone has any ideas about how to increase membership please bring them up under General business, at the end of the meeting.

Last year was a lot quieter than the previous year in terms of repairs and maintenance but it gave us time to consolidate our finances and make plans for the future. The only big expense was the two large Exhibition Panels that we purchased for the Malvina Major exhibition. The largest expenditure at the moment is insurance and this is set to be an ongoing issue.

New committee member Roger Buchanan devoted a lot of time to thoroughly examining the club’s insurance policy and will explain more, towards the end of the meeting…

The other new committee members settled in well with Prue Miller coming up with the idea of a desk calendar to display some of our artwork and sell as a fund raiser and Christmas present at the Rita Angus exhibition. Unfortunately Prue and her partner have moved to Whangarei but we may still repeat the calendars this year.

We must also thank Prue, a professional photographer, for all her stunning photos and starting up the club’s Visual Diary.

The new ‘Scroll type’ newsletter which I do in a programme called Mailchimp, has really taken off this last year. This newsletter links directly to the website and we print out about 8 copies in black and white to be posted to those without computers. We welcome any articles or photos for our newsletter and visual diary, by the way.

AGM/ Constitution

At last year’s AGM we discussed reviewing the club’s constitution, in part due to legislation before parliament requiring all incorporated societies to ensure compliance with new legislation.
The club’s existing constitution is in reasonable shape but it was updated before the arrival of the internet and social media. We are considering dropping some of it, like junior and country members, clarifying the life member regulations and only requiring one Vice President, rather than two.

As I said last year, I believe it is beneficial to the club if there is regular renewal of its leadership and I do not wish to serve more than three years as the club’s president. At my first AGM I said I would only do one year but then no one else came along so I stayed for two more. I have suggested to the committee that the constitution be amended when appropriate, to include the following clause:

‘All executive committee members shall be eligible for re-election except that the president shall not hold office for four consecutive years’.

In other words, the president’s position may be contested annually but will be limited to three consecutive years.


It was a nice surprise to find our finances taking a little leap this year.
They show a $3,258.87 surplus! (the financial report will follow).


We had a very popular workshop with Helen Wilson and John McDonnell at the beginning of 2018, followed by various Saturday workshops by Miranda Munro, ongoing teaching workshops by Eric Dyne and lastly a workshop by Robyn Eastgate-Manning.

It’s disappointing that the workshops aren’t as well patronised as they used to be, with one or two having to be cancelled. A lot of time and effort goes into running workshops with many phone calls, flyers, posters and meetings, to get the price and dates just right. Its upsetting when members don’t attend and then go on to complain that there aren’t enough workshops!

Sheila Playford is very kindly putting on a workshop for $60ea next Saturday, with ALL proceeds going to the club. It will be great fun learning how to paint with different mediums, like alcohol! It is also very generous of her to give her time like this and would be of huge benefit to YOUR club if we could get at least 10 people to attend.

Come on support your club!


A most enjoyable Christmas party was held the first week of December last year. Thanks to Sue Johnston and Dianne Taylor for helping with all the decorations and table layout etc.


We had two successful exhibitions last year where we made modest profits at each. The first, the Malvina Major Exhibition, where we sold 26 paintings and the second, the Rita Angus where we had 22 sales.
A big thanks to Graeme and Linda Smith for the use of the van, and Nic Straugheir and Alfred Memelink for their music.

Extra Thanks

Another thanks to Graeme Smith who came to the rescue by taking down the Club’s big sign and delivering to Jeff Collings to update the logo.

For those who don’t know, Jeff Collings a 91yr old retired sign-writer and stalwart of this club made the original sign and I was quite chuffed when he asked if he could re-paint the new logo on the old signboard. Thanks Jeff.

I was equally delighted when Linda contacted me to say that the sign was finished in time for the AGM and Graeme would clean and paint the front end of the building before putting the sign back up for us!
Well done and a big thankyou again to Jeff, Graeme and Linda for their spontaeneous help.

Unsung Heroes

Mark Stanger who runs our Monday night Life or Figure drawing class is another one who sometimes goes under the radar. Mark works for Weta and also teaches animation at Victoria University. He is regarded as one of the top animators in the country and has been running the Monday night Life Classes for about four years, averaging about 12 very talented artists a night. Very beneficial to the club, thanks Mark.
I must also thank Eric Dyne who purchases the clubs milk, biscuits, tea and coffee every Monday and Dianne Taylor who does all the club’s tea towel washing every week.

The committee

Last but not least I would like to thank the committee for their hard work and support throughout the year; Annette Straugheir who is retiring as vice president after 7yrs, Sue Johnston, Roger Buchannan, Rita Quirk and our hard working treasurer, Jean Buchannan.

The Year Ahead

We look forward to another exciting and productive year for the Wgtn Art Club, with the Malvina Major Exhibition coming up on the 14th , 15th and 16th of June.

The Rita Angus Exhbition will be later in the year, in November.

Judy Langham

If any member would like to join the committee or nominate a member
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The nominee must be a financial member of the club.

A small plate for afternoon tea would be welcome please.

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