Rita Angus Retirement Village Art Showcase

Spring Exhibition 30 /31 October - 1 November 2020

Rita Angus Sales 2020

26 paintings with a value of $8,295 were sold. The successful artists were Richard Acey, Annette Straugheir, Charlotte Hird, Denis Slowley, Dianne Taylor, Dora Bosma, Eric Dyne, Gary Abel, Graeme Calcott, Helen Wilson, Kim Barwell, Linda Smith, Mary Mitchell, Peter Bygraves, Phil Dickson, Richard Acey, Rita Quirk, Robyn Eastgate- Manning, Roger Buchanan, Sarah Wilson and Sheila Playford.

Richard Acey, Elaine Kermode, Olive McAlister and Judith Royal also sold unframed works. Richard Acey, Sheila Playford, Annette Straugheir and Sarah Wilson were very successful with card sales.

The club made a net profit from the exhibition of $2,287.92 derived from entry fees and commissions from sales, less minor costs.

A donation of $221.75 was made to Ryman’s chosen charity in recognition of their provision of the exhibition facilities and the opening night reception.This year the donation went to Melanoma New Zealand.

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2020 Rita Angus Retirement Village Art Expo