Notice of Special General Meeting

Meeting to be held 5.30pm, Saturday 28 November at the clubrooms, 27 Chelsea Street, Miramar, Wellington

Purpose of meeting:

To consider a management committee recommendation that the club’s annual subscription be increased to $85.00 per annum from 1 January 2021, reduced to $75.00 where paid by 28 February.


The club’s constitution (clause 8(a)) provides for subscriptions to be set by members at an Annual or Special General Meeting, and that they remain unchanged until amended by an ordinary resolution at a subsequent Annual or Special Meeting. Such an ‘ordinary resolution’ requires a simple majority of those attending and entitled to vote supporting the resolution.

The constitution requires that the Secretary give members seven days notice of a Special General Meeting and the business to be dealt with. This Notice meets these constitutional requirements.

The current club subscription is $60.00 pa, with a late payment penalty of an additional $10.00. Subscriptions for new members joining after 1 July is set by the constitution as ‘half of the annual subscription’ (8(c)).
Members will appreciate that the club has come under financial pressure this year due to Covid-19 influences. No daily attendance fees were received through the extended lockdown period, and the significant revenue normally generated from the Malvina Major exhibition was also foregone.

It is too soon to forecast the club’s financial performance for the current year but a profit on the year’s operations appears unlikely.

Insurance continues to be the club’s major expenditure. The cost of insurance alone well exceeds total subscription revenue. A sub-committee recently looked at the club’s insurance cover and where insurance savings may be achievable. It concluded that if the club is to maintain a prudent level of cover no significant savings are available. It is expected that the unavoidable cost of insurance will maintain its upward trend of recent years.

Your committee has during the past year undertaken some repairs and maintenance of the club’s facilities. There is an ongoing need for further repairs and modest upgrades. Your committee believes these should be met primarily from the club’s annual revenues, with limited recourse to the club’s modest cash reserves. It believes these reserves should be retained to cover one-off requirements, rather than to cover annual income shortfalls.

Your committee is reluctant to recommend an increase in subscriptions. However, it believes the proposed small increase, from $60.00 to $75.00 for those paying promptly, represents good value for members and will help to
ensure the ongoing viability of the club.

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