Wellington Art Club Subscriptions due

Members of the Wellington Art Club attending a special general meeting Saturday 28 November 2020 unanimously voted to set membership subscriptions at $85.00 per annum, reducible at a member’s discretion
to $75.00 if paid by 28 February. The club’s financial year commences 1 January.

As the club’s largest expenditure – insurance – occurs in January, early payment of your subscription would be appreciated.

Payment can be made by direct crediting the club’s bank account (Wellington Art Club, 03 0578 0903273 00) or by leaving your payment, in an envelope with a note identifying yourself, in the locked box in the clubrooms.

Regrettably we can no longer accept payment by cheque – all banks, the club’s included, either have or are in the process of withdrawing cheque facilities so your club is obliged to withdraw the previous cheque payment option.

Jean Buchanan

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