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Introducing the new Wellington Art Club committee elected at the AGM on 21 June 2020

From left: Jean Buchanan -Treasurer, Sheila Playford - Workshop Coordinator, Kerry Montgomery, Charlotte Hird - President, Judy Laird - Past President, Graeme Calcott, Rita Quirk and Roger Buchanan - Vice President and Secretary.

Introducing Charlotte Hird - President

Looking back on those long lazy days of lockdown seem so far away... nothing to do each day but walk, eat and paint. But since the club opened again under level 2 and the anxiety of the pandemic has eased, my life has become very, very busy. I accepted the role of President after 10 years with the club, carefully avoiding all responsibility. Now that I can’t escape overseas on another adventure it is time to pay back and serve my art club.

Not only have I been busy learning the ropes of office but I am teaching Thursday Art drawing and painting classes. Numbers increased so much we split into two groups; running classes from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm. These classes have brought many new people through our doors.

We have some exciting times ahead with Rita Angus Art Expo opening on 30 October. I hope you are all working hard to complete some great art works for the exhibition.

We have four workshops on the calendar and have just completed two, which are reviewed in this newsletter. I hope you will support the club by attending our classes and workshops and the exhibition.

People need art in their lives. Making art and enjoying art makes me happy. Draw everyday.
- Charlotte

We would like to welcome our new members:

Mark Robinson, Rachel Chamberlain, Sarah Galea, Sarah Wilson and Vivien Winch.

Announcing Wellington Art Club’s ART EXPO 2020

Exhibition open to the public 10 am - 4 pm 31 October and 1 November 2020.

Held in the garden atrium at Rita Angus Retirement Village, 66 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Dates for your diary:

  • Entry Forms required by Friday 16 October
  • Delivery: between 9 am – 10 am, Friday 30 October
  • Exhibition: Opening party Friday 30 October 5.30 pm
  • Pick-up: from 4 pm – 5 pm Sunday, 1 November

We are anticipating club members will get busy with planning, painting, framing and presenting work for sale. Let’s make this the Art event of the Peninsula.

Below is "Majestic" by Dianne Taylor which we will use for the publicity on the exhibition.

Obituary for Frances Acey

Frances Acey died on 9 July 2020 after a long illness.

She was the loving wife of Club member Richard Acey.
Richard attends Wednesday session and paints lovely watercolours.

Obituary for Gwen Carre

Gwen sadly passed away this year and will be greatly missed.

Gwen has been a part of Wellington Art Club for many years. Initially coming along on Thursday nights when Chris Andersen was tutoring, Gwen quickly developed her own style of painting and produced some wonderful pieces of art.

Her art was always popular and she sold many pieces of her art at the Wellington Art Club exhibitions and at her brother’s hotel in Paekakariki.

Gwen was an active member of the club and joined the committee in 2017. She took on the role of workshop coordinator and organised a very popular workshop with Juliet Best.

Gwen had warmth about her and was always interested to see what others were working on at the Art Club.

Even though in recent times she wasn’t so well, she came along to the art club on Wednesdays when she felt up to it.

Donation of a Light Table

The club has received a most excellent donation from Bill Ashworth, owner of Megalith: New Zealand’s premiere digital pre-press production house. With the demise of pre-press film proofing and plate making sadly this table is no longer needed in the industry.

Graeme and Linda Smith kindly collected it in their van on a cold winter’s day from Megalith in Petone.

We took the opportunity to clear the office of some old furniture and an ancient TV which the Smith’s drove staight to the tip shop and recycle centre. We are most grateful to have the office clean and tidy.

The light table can be used for tracing drawings onto your canvas or watercolour paper. This technique is used widely by artists and can help you all in your art practice.


Thursday Art with Charlotte

There has been a lot of interest in the Thursday classes for drawing and painting with Charlotte Hird. The group has brought new people into the club rooms. The class has grown and split into two streams with a class from 2-4 pm and again 7-9 pm. Come along to draw and paint and learn new techniques. Charlotte will be away on holiday from 19 August but the classes will return on Thursday 10 September at the new price of $12.

Friday Portrait Class

Friday Portrait class, tutored by Eric Dyne, is operating again with a model booked to come on the first Friday of each month from 1-3 pm. In July Brendan sat for the group and over the following weeks many drawings and paintings appeared. Eric is encouraging people to challenge themselves by using new techniques and mediums. This Friday 7 August Jeff Collings will sit for the portrait group. Come along and draw with us.

Workshop Reviews

MIRANDA MUNRO workshops at the Art Club

by Lucille Cash

I have attended most of Miranda’s Transformative art workshops held at the Art club since 2016. Miranda offers freedom to experiment in all mediums including acrylics, crayons, pens, stamping, fabric painting and collage.
Some of the topics we have covered include; Home, Journeys, Time for a change, Patterns, Hearts Desire, Dreams, Magic Happens and Crossroads. Each topic is expressed from our personal feelings and the workshops help in this creative process. We work in a peaceful atmosphere and I usually go away re-energised and inspired to paint.

At the end of each workshop we are encouraged to share our work and discuss the process in a safe non-judgemental environment. This can be a very personal and honest experience. I have gained confidence in my art through attending Miranda’s workshops.

If you enjoy creating and exploring art outside your comfort zone, with like minded, creative people then Miranda Munro’s workshops will appeal to you. One rule at the workshops is no self putdowns or statements like, I’m not very good at…

At each session we have a shared afternoon tea and a break to chat then it’s back to create. The next workshop topic is IMAGINATION on 22 August. See you there.

Sheila Playford’s Alcohol Inks Workshop

On a cold Saturday in mid-July I attended an Alcohol Inks Workshop tutored by Sheila Playford at the Art Club, something quite different from my usual watercolour or acrylic medium not to mention my painting style.
We had three hours and Sheila got straight into it, showing us how to disassemble Sharpie pens to access the ink which was not too difficult once we got the hang of it. When we had mixed the ink with alcohol to make our ink medium Sheila demonstrated the technique of applying ink and alcohol to various special papers and other surfaces and manipulating the results with the aid of straws, dryers, and other methods to create artworks.
Then we were let loose to have a go ourselves and what fun it was. We all had at least four different surfaces to experiment with including Yupo paper, ceramic tile and canvas and the inks behaved slightly differently on each and we all enjoyed trying our hand at producing our own masterpieces. We all loved the strong colours of the inks and as always at a workshop although we were using the same materials, there was great variety in the results.

Sheila did a great job guiding us through demonstration and practical help as well as providing extra materials and best of all we all left with written instructions as well as materials so we could continue to experiment at home.

Thank you, Sheila, I’m sure everyone enjoyed the workshop as much as I did.
Rita Quirk

Four Upcoming Workshops

22 August 2020


Transformative Art Workshop with Miranda Munro

It's time to explore our deep imaginations without the usual props of memories, preferences and repetition.

Looking at the mood, tone, rhythm, texture and colour of words in poetry will start us on our imaginative journeys.

When: Saturday 22 August 1 - 4.30pm

Exchange: $55

Contact Miranda 0211169107
or email

Miranda is a trained Transformative Arts Practitioner who believes fervently that exploring our creativity with an open mind can lead to personal insights and healing.

5 September 2020

Molten Creations – Hot Wax Painting with Magda van der Walt

When: 10am - 1pm Saturday 5 September 2020

This workshop is limited to eight people.
Only $60 per person

Please register your interest by emailing Jean at to secure your place, then you can pay $60 with online banking: Wellington Art Club 03-0578-0903273-00
Put your name in the Particulars line and Magda in Reference.

We all know the big three art mediums: oil, watercolour and acrylics. So, if someone said you could paint with a little iron and hot wax, it might get your eyebrows up.

In this taster workshop you will be introduced to the encaustic painting iron and basic techniques that will allow you to create vivid, flowing, textured images in a very short time.

See more examples on Magda's website

What’s included in this workshop:
  • A demonstration of the basic technique by Magda
  • Introduction to encaustic art tools include: Painting iron, Hot tile, Pigmented wax blocks, Heat gun, Scribing tool, tips and nibs, Encaustic sponge
  • Hands-on session where you will make at least 3 to 4 artworks to take home with you (A6 to A4 sizes)
  • Information about the technique and materials
  • Materials provided: encaustic card stock (various sizes) and tissue paper

What to bring along:
  • 2 serviettes of your choice,
  • Apron,
  • Cardboard or support to work on (little bigger than A4 size)
  • and Enthusiasm

Discover the wonders of the ancient intricate art of Encaustic Wax Painting, join us 10am - 1pm Saturday 5 September 2020 . Book now to secure your place to Jean Buchanan

3 October 2020

A workshop on presenting your art for sale including framing, mat cutting and materials with Charlotte Hird

When: 10am - 1pm Saturday 3rd October
This workshop is limited to 14 people
Only $60 per person

Would you like to improve the presentation of your watercolour, acrylic or oil paintings for sale. Learn how to make, recycle or use store brought frames to present your own work for sale.

Charlotte will discuss the various options and materials, demonstrate cutting techniques and show you how to complete the frame.

Bring along a finished work and we can discuss the options to best frame your work to full potential.

What’s included in this workshop:
Demonstrations of the steps to framing your own work with Charlotte.
  • assembling the tools you needed
  • choosing and cleaning frames
  • how to size and cut an acid free mat
  • what sort of tapes to use for each task
  • various fixings for hanging and d-rings
  • replacing acid board with foam board and cutting techniques
  • making and attaching labels and swing tags
  • Hands-on session where you will learn to cut, present, tape, screw in d-ring, tie knots etc
  • all materials will be provided including: knives, metal ruler, clothes, cutting boards, card, mat cutter, tape, d-rings.
  • Photographing your art before you frame it.

What to bring along:
  • your art work for framing
  • potential frames you would like to use
  • Enthusiasm
Please register your interest by emailing Jean Buchanan to secure your place, then you can pay $60 with online banking: Wellington Art Club 03-0578-0903273-00
Put your name in the Particulars line and Frame in Reference.

17 October 2020

Western Watercolour Techniques and demonstration of Chinese Brush
with Stan Chan

When: 9.30am - 4pm Saturday 17th October
This workshop is limited to 20 people
Only $80 per person

In the morning Stan will demonstrate western watercolour techniques, then after lunch Stan will demonstrate Chinese brush painting on rice paper. He will supply Chinese brushes, paints, ink and rice paper for the members to use and have a hands on experience.

For the workshop, could you please bring:
  • Large and small sable brushes
  • Watercolour paints
  • Watercolour papers
  • Dishes/Pallet for mixing paint
  • Water jars
  • Any flowers/plants to paint in class
  • Topics you are interested in painting: favourite subjects, photos or pictures
  • If you would like to discuss your own art work you are welcome to bring it along.
Members are welcome to email Stan about their questions, they can also visit the website or visit inkLink Studio in Left Bank, Cuba Mall by appointment.

Please register your interest by emailing Jean at to secure your place,
then you can pay $80 with online banking:
Wellington Art Club 03-0578-0903273-00
Put your name in the Particulars line and StanChan in Reference.

A week at the Art Club...

When: Every Monday night
7pm – 9.00pm
Fee: $10
• Non-tutored, great atmosphere and friendly people.
• Life Model.
• All mediums welcome (odour-less turps, please)
Phone: Mark Stanger: 021 0298 042

When: 10am - 4pm
Fee: $5

When: 10am – 4pm
Fee: $5
Phone Charlotte 021373887

When: 2-4pm and 7-9pm
Fee: $10
Phone Charlotte 021373887

FRIDAY Casual Working Group
When: 1pm – 3pm
Fee: $5
Phone Eric Dyne: 021 847 552

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