The management committee of your Art Club held a special meeting on Thursday evening to consider re-opening of the clubrooms. Our circumstances have changed materially now the Government has relaxed the rules governing group meeting size (up from a maximum of 10 to 100), the duration of meetings (the 2 hour maximum has been dropped) and modified social distancing expectations (from 2 metres down to one metre when in a traceable group). The committee is satisfied that provided members abide by certain protocols the club can meet the health and safety provisions inherent in the Covid-19 ‘rules’ that now apply.

The protocols that we need to adhere to are not demanding and we believe can readily be self- and collaboratively-policed by members. These protocols will be clearly displayed in the clubrooms and will involve:

  • Members must not visit the clubrooms if they feel unwell
  • Registering their full name, current contact phone number and the time of their arrival in the club’s attendance register diary. (The daily fee remains at $5.00)
  • Regular use of hand sanitizer, which will be available in the entrance lobby and at other common assembly locations
  • Members ensuring their work area is thoroughly cleaned, using the materials which will be provided, before departing the premises. Please dispose of cleaning cloths after each use.
  • That members take every opportunity to wipe commonly touched surfaces e.g. door handles, kitchen utensils. Again, materials will be provided. The more we clean the more confident we will be that we have a safe environment
  • The kitchen will be accessible, but just for drinks. There will be no biscuits and we ask that there be no sharing of other food e.g. no birthday cakes!
  • The clubrooms will be thoroughly cleaned before they re-open.

Members will be welcome to get back to their art from next Tuesday, 2 June


Now that we are in a position to re-open the clubrooms, we are able to set a date for the deferred AGM.
This will now be held at 2.00 pm on Sunday 21 June.
This date has been chosen as there is a chance we will by then be at Alert Level 1, which would enable us to adopt our traditional format of following the meeting with refreshments.
Such detail will be confirmed when more is known of the Alert Level that will be applying on 21 June.

Thank you,
Judy Langham

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