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Scribble from the President

Shaun drawing his paleo art

The club has enjoyed a busy start to the new year with all art groups back in early January. Numbers are up for all groups, with record numbers at Monday night’s figure drawing. Thursday Art class has brought 14 non members into the room and we hope some will join the club and continue to enjoy the facilities.

The club has run three workshops this year with another three planned before June. Read the reviews and the details for upcoming workshops later in this issue.

We look forward to the Wellington Art Club Annual General Meeting on Sunday 18 April at 2pm in the clubrooms. Two committee members; Rita Quirk and Judy Langham will stand down. We hope for two nominations to the committee. Please consider giving your time to the club . The committee duties involve one meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. Our meetings take less than 2 hours.

The Financials are with the auditor and the good news will be presented at the AGM. Please bring a plate for a shared afternoon tea after the meeting.

We are hoping for two successful exhibitions this year. They are important fund-raisers for the club. Planning is underway for the Wellington Art Club Exhibition at Malvina Major Retirement Village on the last weekend of May: 28/29/30. Entry is open to all club members to exhibit artworks. We encourage everyone to participate and also appreciate help with setting up the exhibition, hanging artworks, hosting on the desk and selling raffle tickets. Please put your name forward to help if you are able. We appreciate Judy Langham donating a painting to raffle this year.

The entry forms and terms & conditions are attached with this email, so get painting.

A big thank you to Dianne Taylor who has retired from washing the towels after four years of quiet steady diligence. A new washing fairy has taken her place and will probably remain a discreet secret for another four years. We do appreciate these small but important weekly jobs.

At present Judy is curating the artwork hanging in the clubrooms. Please take away any old paintings and bring new artworks to make a good show for the AGM. Tags are available to fill in with your title, name, medium and price.

The Thursday Art class had 19 registrations resulting in a split into two sessions: 2 - 4pm and 7 - 9 pm. It is great to see a lot of new faces and younger folk coming to the evening class to learn to paint.

Eric Dyne has stepped back from tutoring the Friday Portrait group after moving to the Hutt Valley. The group continues to work on a new model each month. There will be no session on Good Friday. There will be a model on Friday 9 April 1-3pm.

Thanks to all the members who have paid their subs early to take advantage of the early bird discount. A gentle reminder to those who haven’t renewed yet... Jean says if you pay by 25 March you will still get $10 discount.

Happy painting - Charlotte

Blair from Ascent Electrical with the new lights

LED Lighting installed successfully

Members who have visited the clubrooms in the past month will have noticed that new lighting systems have been installed. In the main area of the clubrooms, the old fluorescent bulbs, which were progressively failing, have been replaced with 11 LED fittings designed to simulate natural daylight. The banks of lights down each side have been moved slightly towards the centre to avoid casting shadows over the tables. Each of the three banks of lights can be separately controlled to meet the needs of the occasion.

The old fluorescent bulbs in the rear room have also been upgraded, again with lighting that better simulates daylight.

While these upgrades have come at a cost – $2200 – the LED fittings use substantially less energy and have a lifespan many times that of the fittings that have been replaced.

Roofing repairs

The club had the misfortune last October of one of the plastic skylights in the clubrooms being damaged in a storm. This was the third of the original four skylights to fail. Temporary repairs were effected while insurance questions were resolved and quotes obtained from trades people to make permanent repairs.

Your committee decided rather than await the fourth skylight failing that both the remaining one and the earlier damaged one be replaced with permanent roofing materials. In other words, dispensing with two of the original skylights and retaining just the two clear panels that were installed after earlier failings. There are significant cost advantages to the club in having both skylights replaced at the same time, given that our insurers covered the majority of costs of having trades people on the premises. Your committee is confident the absence of two skylights will be more than compensated by the newly installed LED lighting.

Trades people have been engaged to undertake this work and our insurers have already made a settlement payment to the club. It is anticipated these repairs will be undertaken during the next few weeks. Hopefully there will be minimal disturbance to mid-week programmes but there may be a need to work around internal scaffolding for a day or two.

Gary uses a transparent sheet to grid up his drawing for the portrait painting.

Sadly missed

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of long time club member Beverly St Clair Alexander. She was a Wellington Art Club member for over 40 years and Life Member of Seatoun Arts and Crafts.

Workshop Reviews

Juliet Best Workshop 18 February

Framing our own work professionally; what an achievement!On Thursday Feb 18 we gathered under Juliet’s guidance with paper or loose canvas and paints. Juliet demonstrated her loose imaginary landscape painting then we retired to our own tables with our reference materials to paint our own pictures. Once these were dry, we were supplied with a sheet of gold leaf each and sizing agent to attach it. Then the fun started. Juliet carefully considered her painting, chose a very small section, then cut it out of the canvas with a sharp knife! To our horror we then had to do the same with ours! We could choose a white or black frame from a stack and then we were shown how to mount our selected square on mounting board and either float it under the glass or use the pre-cut mat to neatly mount it.

The finished works were set up complete with labels and every participant had a chance to introduce their professionally framed artwork to the group. Juliet kindly mentioned she was blown away by the quality of the work produced and the artists left feeling pleased that they would now be able to frame their own small works to a professional standard.

Robyn Eastgate-Manning

Helen Wilson and John McDonnell Watercolour Workshop

Helen started her workshop by encouraging us all to use a big sheet of paper for our paintings. She then showed us the technique of wetting our paper and where to draw our horizon lines, to produce a balance of light and dark, crisp, clean colours for our beautiful sky and sea paintings. Helen encouraged us to be expressive and use lots of yellow and some violet too. Helen suggested we could get our paintings printed on cards to give away or sell, as she does.

John started his workshop by showing us some of his amazing sunset and pointillism paintings. He also encouraged us to paint on big sheets of watercolour paper. John told us how to stretch our watercolour paper so it wouldn’t buckle. He guided us to paint a sky and how to layer the watercolour paint on to form hills and sea, to produce a beautiful scene to take home.

We all had a busy and creative day and we were able to take away new ideas and inspiration for our next watercolour paintings. Thanks very much, Helen and John for your great workshops.

Sue Johnston

Being in Touch, inspiring workshop with Miranda Munro

A group of 5 artists attended Miranda's workshop on Saturday 13 March. We started the session with a quick introduction about ourselves as there were two new people in the group.

Miranda introduced the topic Being in Touch with a 10 minute visualisation of a walk through a beautiful forest but encountering an area of pollution. We also imagined colours and people we met on our walk. Our art work was based on what we imagined on our walk focussing on colour and integration.

Each artist had a different story to tell which we shared in our group at the end of the day. We used a variety of mediums in our work: paints, dyes, stamps, collage, rollers and fabric. Miranda teaches with a topic in mind which we are free to explore with our own ideas and techniques as shown in my photos.

My experience of the afternoon was feeling totally relaxed and free to explore my ideas, often out of my comfort zone. I left inspired after an afternoon of sharing and creating art with like-minded people.

Lucille Cash

Review of Thursday Art with Charlotte

Charlotte’s Thursday watercolour classes are ideal for all levels of watercolourists, whether you are a beginner, want to refresh, learn new skills or meet other artists. I learnt how to use watercolours when I went to The Learning Connexion and have practised using them since, however not as much as I would like! Going to Charlotte’s class has already helped boost my confidence and I am learning lots of new skills as well as refreshing old ones. I have felt really empowered after each class.

Charlotte demonstrates many different techniques, using a digital screen so we can all see. She also welcomes her students to watch at her deskside if they so wish. Charlotte is very approachable and genuinely enjoys teaching. She makes herself available by walking around the room giving helpful advice, suggestions and praise. Each lesson consists of different subject matter and techniques. In our first lesson, we practised ‘loading’ our brushes creating different gradients and learning how to create different shading effects. This gradually progressed to us creating beautiful landscape paintings.

In our second lesson, we did exercises on shading 3D objects and we did a colourwheel exercise. These exercises prepared us for our final task of painting vibrant tamarillos. Charlotte showed us how to create realistic light and shadow and how we can best achieve them using watercolour.

I highly recommend this class if you are interested in watercolour. I can't wait for this week's lesson!

by Tessa Mitchell

Upcoming Workshops in 2021

Writing about your Art – A Workshop with Miranda Munro

Saturday 10 April 10 am - 12 pm $45

Writing artist statements and biographies can be painful. Artists often veer between the very simple, “I enjoy using acrylics” to the almost incomprehensible, “This work is above the common construct I am working to identify.” Eek!

Exploring an authentic middle way between simple cliches and gobbledegook artspeak will be at the heart of this interactive workshop.

It will help you clarify what motivates you to create art and how you get that across to your audience.
It also may help identify where some changes are needed. Even though you will have progressed as an artist are you still describing your art in the same way?

In this workshop we will:
Explore differences between artist statements and bios
Do fun exercises on writing effective statements and bios
Focus on our motivation, skills and confidence

What to bring:

  • Writing paper and your favourite pen
  • Pens and pencils for doodling (if you wish)
  • One example of artspeak and one containing simple, cliched statements (feel free to find some online or make them up!)
  • A small artwork of your own (so we can practice writing about another’s work)
  • Small contribution of food for morning tea

Warning: This workshop may contain some English grammar (ha ha)

Miranda Munro is an artist, teacher and writer who runs regular Transformative Art Workshops at the Art Club. Contact her directly on 0211169107 or to book a spot.

“Miranda helped me shape my writing for my website and other platforms. She used her critical skills to focus, structure and clarify my main message. This led to more understanding of how I relate to different audiences and my practice overall. I am more confident in presenting my proposals for future exhibitions." Andrea Selwood, artist.

WHEN: Saturday 10 April 10am to 12am

WHERE: Wellington Art Club, 27 Chelsea St Miramar


To book a place please contact Miranda Munro 0211169107 or email
More information about Transformative Art Workshops can be found on FB Miranda Munro Art or

Learn to Draw with Roger Key

Tuesday 7 - 9pm for 7 weeks $145 from 6th April

Drawing realistically is the vital foundation for painting and all other creative media you wish to use. Whether a complete beginner or experienced, this class will give you straight forward, simple techniques that will transform your drawing abilities and confidence, in a fun and friendly environment. Come and discover that drawing is something we can all do and what a difference it will make to what you can achieve!

Limited to 12 places

What to bring:
First session: 1 x HB pencil, 1 x sharpener or knife, 1 x A4 or A3 drawing pad. All other materials will be supplied.

Age Suitability: While this is an adults drawing class, students 14 years and older are welcome enrol if the parent/guardian is confident they are mature enough to attend.

Venue: Wellington Art Club, 27 Chelsea Street, Miramar

Book now at
or Phone Roger on 021 137 8233

Molten creations – hot wax painting with Magda van der Walt

Saturday 17 April 10 am -1 pm $60

In this workshop we will use hot wax and heat to create vivid images that can be intuitive or planned – depending on your own personal approach. We will touch on basic hot wax techniques (molten wax) using either a small travelling iron, hot tile, heat gun or stylus. No previous experience is needed. Hot wax dry in a very short time and can be either manipulated with heat or enhanced by adding or subtracting detail.

What’s included in this workshop:
1. A demonstration of the basic technique using these heat tools: painting iron, hot tile, heat gun, stylus with various tips and nibs
2. Materials to create images: pigmented wax blocks, scribing tool, encaustic sponges and encaustic card stock (various sizes)

This is a hands-on workshop where you will make at least 3 to 4 artworks to take home with you (A6 to A4 sizes)

What you can bring with you: 2 paper serviettes (to collage in wax), cardboard support to work on (A4 size or bigger) and an art heat gun (if you have one)

So if this sounds like it suits you to make great images in hot wax with Magda - then sign up today!

Fee: $60 includes materials

Deposit $60 into the Wellington Art Club account: 03-0578-0903273-00 and email Jean to secure your place - .
Put YOUR NAME in the Particulars line and Magda in Reference.

Recycled Book Workshop with Robyn Eastgate-Manning

Saturday 22 May 10 am - 5 pm

Create your own family treasure by repurposing old but well made books. No special skills required as you learn how to prepare the pages and transform them with your own original artwork. We will be painting mostly abstracts which enables the practise of good artistic fundamentals - colour, composition, texture, line, contrast, shape. The media will be water - based such as gouache, acrylic and watercolour with added mixed media - paint pens, ink, crayon, pencil. The result may well be a fascinating coffee table book of varied works, as well as a place to explore, try out new effects and grow as an artist.

Books and gesso are supplied. Bring your own art supplies. Gouache is recommended or watercolour paints including white, two large bulldog clips, posca pens or other opaque markers and any texture making tools you may have.

Fee $85 for Wellington Art Club members or $100 for non members.
To register please deposit $85 (members) or $100 (non members) into Wellington Art Club account 03-0578-0903273-00
Particulars: YOUR NAME Reference: Robyn EM and email Jean to secure your place

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