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Dickson, Phil

Phone: +64 4 568 7317

Phil Dickson has for a long time been one of the pillars of Wellington’s art community, a key supporter and volunteer for the Wellington Art Club and Watercolour New Zealand and a member of the New Zealand Art Academy, where he is an elected artist member.

Phil Dickson was born in New Zealand and has lived in Wellington all his life. He has always had a pencil in his hand, drawing. Phil's inspiration comes from a lifetime's love of landscape, townscape, history and the weather. He is largely a self-taught artist.

Through his childhood he developed a fascination with the ever-changing sky and the weather. Drawing led to painting landscapes, coastal subjects and townscapes. A career in cartography enhanced his eye for New Zealand's natural features and the overlaying influences of settlement and interconnecting infrastructure.

Phil has always been a keen observer of the weather, its constant changes creating the effects of light that are the inspiration for his painting. He firmly agrees with the English landscape painter, John Constable, when he once said:

"It would be difficult to name a class of landscape in which the sky is not the key note, the standard of scale and the chief organ of sentiment." Phil keeps a daily record of weather conditions which has lead to his good understanding of skies, clouds and the cycles of change.

Many of the sights in and around Phil’s home city and the greater Wellington area are represented in his book published by Grantham House Publishing, 'Phil Dickson’s Wellington'. Phil - Wellingtonian, wanderer and artist, invites the reader on a voyage of self-discovery in and around the city and further afield in the nearby forest parks. His sketches and paintings, together with his historical knowledge, reflect his love of his home city.

In 2016 Phil designed a mural depicting an earlier Miramar scene for the Miramar Community Centers north east wall. The mural is made up of 42 wooden tiles and each one was painted by a different person. This mural has won First prize in the Resene Community Mural Section.

Phil Dickson's Online Galleries:

Some of Phil Dickson's paintings are for sale and he is happy to accept commissions, contact Phil.