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Taylor, Dianne

Address: Wellington

My involvement in watercolour commenced comparatively late in life after a friend gifted me paint and brushes ....looking for inspiration.

I painted on and off for a few years, learning from art books, but it wasn't until 2001 that I began to take art seriously and joined the Wellington Art Club and in 2002 joined the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.

Since then my art works have been submitted and selected to be exhibited at The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. I am also a member of Watercolour N.Z. and over the past few years have successfully had work selected to be exhibited in the annual ‘Splash®’ exhibition. In 2017 I was a guest artist at the Splash.

I currently have my art works displayed at The Kiwi Art House, this is a lovely little Gallery at the top end of Cuba Street, Wellington, and have recently been invited to exhibit at Alfred Memelink Artspace in Petone.

Recent sales now see many of my paintings hanging in a variety of countries including New York, Russia, Argentina, France and The Netherlands.

In 2008 I participated in a couple of workshops, one by Malcolm Beattie and the other by brilliant watercolourist, Joseph Zbukvic, and in November 2009 I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop by another brilliant and exciting watercolourist – Alvaro Castaganet. This has driven me to try new techniques with watercolour and allow me to develop my own style. I would highly recommend any new artist to do likewise.

Continuing to try new methods with watercolour has its rewards. In 2010, I was honoured by the presentation of the "Watercolour New Zealand portrait" award, for my painting ‘Dwellers of the Kalahari’.

Working with watercolour can test my patience, but then I look at the exciting, atmospheric, subtle and moody works created by a successful watercolour, and I am once again inspired with this fascinating medium.