Wellington Art Club Workshops

3 October 2020

A workshop on presenting your art for sale including framing, mat cutting and materials with Charlotte Hird

When: 10am - 1pm Saturday 3rd October
This workshop is limited to 14 people
Only $60 per person

Would you like to improve the presentation of your watercolour, acrylic or oil paintings for sale. Learn how to make, recycle or use store brought frames to present your own work for sale.

Charlotte will discuss the various options and materials, demonstrate cutting techniques and show you how to complete the frame.

Bring along a finished work and we can discuss the options to best frame your work to full potential.

What’s included in this workshop:
Demonstrations of the steps to framing your own work with Charlotte.
  • assembling the tools you needed
  • choosing and cleaning frames
  • how to size and cut an acid free mat
  • what sort of tapes to use for each task
  • various fixings for hanging and d-rings
  • replacing acid board with foam board and cutting techniques
  • making and attaching labels and swing tags
  • Hands-on session where you will learn to cut, present, tape, screw in d-ring, tie knots etc
  • all materials will be provided including: knives, metal ruler, clothes, cutting boards, card, mat cutter, tape, d-rings.
  • Photographing your art before you frame it.

What to bring along:
  • your art work for framing
  • potential frames you would like to use
  • Enthusiasm
Please register your interest by emailing Jean Buchanan treasurer@wellingtonart.co.nz to secure your place, then you can pay $60 with online banking: Wellington Art Club 03-0578-0903273-00
Put your name in the Particulars line and Frame in Reference.

17 October 2020

Western Watercolour Techniques and demonstration of Chinese Brush
with Stan Chan

When: 9.30am - 4pm Saturday 17th October
This workshop is limited to 20 people
Only $80 per person

In the morning Stan will demonstrate western watercolour techniques, then after lunch Stan will demonstrate Chinese brush painting on rice paper. He will supply Chinese brushes, paints, ink and rice paper for the members to use and have a hands on experience.

For the workshop, could you please bring:
  • Large and small sable brushes
  • Watercolour paints
  • Watercolour papers
  • Dishes/Pallet for mixing paint
  • Water jars
  • Any flowers/plants to paint in class
  • Topics you are interested in painting: favourite subjects, photos or pictures
  • If you would like to discuss your own art work you are welcome to bring it along.
Members are welcome to email Stan about their questions, they can also visit the website https://inklinkstudio.com/ or visit inkLink Studio in Left Bank, Cuba Mall by appointment.

Please register your interest by emailing Jean at treasurer@wellingtonart.co.nz to secure your place,
then you can pay $80 with online banking:
Wellington Art Club 03-0578-0903273-00
Put your name in the Particulars line and StanChan in Reference.

24 October 2020

The Shape of Things with Miranda Munro

Have you ever thought about how the physical shape of things affects you? Not only objects, but other more ethereal things like time (how your day is shaping up) and emotions, for example how sadness can feel like a big lump inside you.

Beautiful, harmonious, balanced shapes like circles can make us feel grounded and happy. Too many straight lines and big boxy shapes overwhelm and depress us. Nature doesn't do straight lines and we need our surroundings to be accessible and human scale.

This new mixed media Transformative art Workshop will focus on exploring the potential of shapes to enhance our art work and balance our daily lives.

WHEN: Saturday 24 October, 1-4.30pm
WHERE: Wellington Art Club

To register for this workshop email Miranda mirandabluehousestudio@gmail.com


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