MIRANDA MUNRO workshops at the Art Club

by Lucille Cash

I have attended most of Miranda’s Transformative art workshops held at the Art club since 2016. Miranda offers freedom to experiment in all mediums including acrylics, crayons, pens, stamping, fabric painting and collage.
Some of the topics we have covered include; Home, Journeys, Time for a change, Patterns, Hearts Desire, Dreams, Magic Happens and Crossroads. Each topic is expressed from our personal feelings and the workshops help in this creative process. We work in a peaceful atmosphere and I usually go away re-energised and inspired to paint.

At the end of each workshop we are encouraged to share our work and discuss the process in a safe non-judgemental environment. This can be a very personal and honest experience. I have gained confidence in my art through attending Miranda’s workshops.

If you enjoy creating and exploring art outside your comfort zone, with like minded, creative people then Miranda Munro’s workshops will appeal to you. One rule at the workshops is no self putdowns or statements like, I’m not very good at…

At each session we have a shared afternoon tea and a break to chat then it’s back to create.